Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Third Annual Scripting Games


The Third Annual Scripting Games is over. This year's event was full of challenges for everyone, beginners and veteran scripters alike, and included a third (non-Microsoft) scripting language for submitting solutions - Perl.

I've managed to get a perfect score in both Sudden Death Challenge and Advanced PowerShell divisions.

I would also like to congratulate the Scripting Guys for a well designed and well organized event. This year's event was much harder and more challenging than previous years. I'm curious to see what they have up their sleeve for next year's event, can't wait!

By the way, until the 2009 games, if you're looking for a 24x7 real world PowerShell challenge - I know the right place... Join the newsgroup and sharpen your PowerShell skills and knowledge.

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