Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2008 Scripting Games - Advanced Event 9

Event 9: You’re Twisting My Words


$content = [System.IO.File]::ReadAllText("C:\Scripts\alice.txt")
$reversed = $content.split() | foreach {"$($_[($_.length-1)..0])" -replace " " }
[string]::Join(" ",$reversed)

resuoiruC' dna '!resuoiruc deirc ecilA ehs( saw os hcum ,desirprus taht rof eht tnemom ehs etiuq togrof woh ot kaeps doog ;)hsilgnE won' m'I gninepo tuo ekil eht tsegral epocselet taht reve !saw ,eyb-dooG '!teef rof( nehw ehs dekool nwod ta reh ,teef yeht demees ot eb tsomla tuo fo ,thgis yeht erew gnitteg os raf .)ffo ,hO' ym roop elttil ,teef I rednow ohw lliw tup no ruoy seohs dna sgnikcots rof uoy ,won ?sraed m'I erus _I_ t'nahs eb !elba I llahs eb a taerg lae
d oot raf ffo ot elbuort flesym tuoba :uoy uoy tsum eganam eht tseb yaw uoy ;nac tub-- I tsum eb dnik ot ',meht thguoht ,ecilA ro' spahrep yeht t'now klaw eht yaw I tnaw ot !og teL em :ees ll'I evig meht a wen riap fo stoob yreve '.samtsirhC


PReetamZ said...

is $FileIO=[]::readalltext("c:\powershell\psinfo.txt") is different than
$fileinfo=[string]get-content psinfo.txt

if NO then when i run $fileio.split("\") why do i get different format of text.

Shay Levy said...

Both are of type [string] but the content structure is different.

[]::readalltext retains the file's formating (line breaks etc) while the get-content string cast returns the file content as one line.

When you cast a collection (e.g get-content) to a string PowerShell uses the $OFS automatic variable value to delimit the collection items. The default value is the space character.

You can read more about $OFS here:

And if you need to force get-content to retain line breks then set $OFS with a new line:

$OFS = "`n"
$fileinfo=[string] (get-content psinfo.txt)

Don't forget to reset it back to default when you're done :)

$OFS = " "


Anonymous said...

Big thank you for so clearly explaining the concept. I'll keep this in mind. Also I like few of examples in scripting games and this was quite special one for me. I will create few examples out of it for sure to learn and understand more. Please to see that you put my blog under your blogroll. I no longer blog there, i shifted to http:\\

Shay Levy said...

You're welcome :) I've also updated your blog title & url.