Monday, June 30, 2008

Do you know your aliases?


This little PowerShell script you can check how familiar you are with all the built-in aliases in PowerShell V2 CTP2.
For each alias there are 7 cmdlet names to choose from. There are 10 questions, and at the end of the quiz you can review your results and optionally run the quiz again.

You need to have PowerShell V2 CTP2 installed for the script to run.

Good luck :)




Anonymous said...

Use a CR to move beyond Y/N to [?]

Shay Levy said...

Sorry Andy, I dont understand :)
CR = Carriage return ?


Anonymous said...

In the event one follows the cues in your $Choices [Y] [N] [?] then the last ... [?] produces nothing.
However a CR presents the page I guess was intended ... just an observation. I feel I should, by now, be able to wave my PS wand and instantly suggest an amended line but I would not yet presume.
Thanx again - I enjoyed testing my recall of Don's excellent PS101 !