Monday, March 31, 2008

Free EBook - Windows Server PowerShell Scripting Step by Step


imageTeach yourself the fundamentals of Windows PowerShell command line interface and scripting language. Written by a leading scripting expert, this tutorial delivers self-paced labs, timesaving tips, and hands-on sample scripts for automating Windows administration—one step at a time.



Discover how to:

•Use built-in cmdlets to execute commands
•Write scripts to handle recurring tasks and configure scheduled jobs
•Use providers to access information external to the shell environment
•Configure network components using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
•Manage users, groups, and computers with Active Directory Services
•Execute scripts for administering and troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
•PLUS—Get a complete list of cmdlet commands and a guide for moving from VBScript to Windows Powershell


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Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this site. tou can download lots of ebooks from here

hosted exchange server said...

Thanks for posting this. I wonder if you have an updated one?

Shay Levy said...

Try this one: