Wednesday, February 27, 2008

PowerGUI 1.0.14



PowerGUI's next version is on its way. If you haven't heard of it (shame on ya), PowerGUI is an extensible graphical administrative console and IDE for managing systems based on Windows PowerShell and it's FREE for download.



Here's a partial list of the new features, (PowerGUI Feature Map):

- A lot of useful snippets in the editor.
- Pipeline stepping WOW! - When debugging scripts, you can step inside one-liners, switch statements etc.
- Updated Exchange PowerPack and improved default PowerPacks.
- Improved startup performance.
- Automated rollback of configuration for PowerGUI and Editor.


Personally, I love it and use it a lot on a daily basis. It has all you can expect from an IDE editor/debugger. PowerGUI forums is a great place to start if you're having questions about it.

So, what are waiting for? Point your browser to and download the latest build.

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