Monday, January 21, 2008

PowerShell at the tip of your browser


I've created a PowerShell browser toolbar using Conduit community toolbars. It provides one-click access to many PowerShell related resources. Any changes I'll make to the toolbar will automatically be seen by users who installed it, no need to reinstall. The toolbar works on IE and also on any platform that Firefox runs on: Mac, Linux and Windows. If you want the toolbar to be available for both browsers, run setup on each one separately.

If what preventing you from installing it is your precious screen space, remember, you can always hide it.

If you feel I missed something or someone please leave a comment at the bottom of this page. The toolbar is still in progress and will be updated constantly. Here's how it looks:


(The image is sliced due to display width restrictions)




You can access the toolbar (display it) on any windows explorer window, not necessarily Internet Explorer, Just go to View > Toolbars > PowerShell Toolbar






Click the Toolbar Options menu arrow:


In the Toolbar Options you can configure additional components to appear on your toolbar including Email notifier, add or remove buttons or gadgets like the Radio Player or add shortcuts to your favorite commonly-used applications.  

Notice that you can "Refresh Toolbar" for the last changes to appear.


Web Search


All web search is powered by Google. Besides the default "Search" entry I've added additional search providers to the bar. For example, the "Google Microsoft search" option allows you to search inside Microsoft related sites. There's also the option to search blogs with "Google blog search".

Here's how it looks when searching for PowerShell.
There is a button in the toolbar to highlight the search term inside the page.

highlight copy1 
highlight copy  


Your search terms history can be viewed and cleared by clicking on the search arrow.





Various PowerShell blogs. Drop me a line if you blog doesn't appear.

blogs copy



Need to download PowerShell? Get All PowerShell versions and requirement software.

download copy










Here you can define additional radio stations based on your location. Notice that you can listen to all PowerScripting Podcasts directly from the toolbar.




The Chat button provides you with a way to communicate with all other users that use this toolbar. So, click Chat and choose a nick name to start chatting.


chat copy



The Message box allows communication with users in "real time" (15 min). I'll use this feature to send notifications when new content is added to the toolbar.




What's it like outside? Click the Weather button to see your local forecast. the Weather icon changes dynamically according to your current weather conditions.

This component automatically configures itself to your current location, according to your computer's IP. You ca also use this component to check out the weather in thousands of locations around the world.


IE Uninstall
  • Click Start, Settings, and go to Control Panel.
  • Locate the Add/Remove Programs.
  • Search for "PowerShell Toolbar".
  • Select Change/Remove.




    Firefox Uninstall

  • Open the browser and select Tools from the menu.
  • Select Add-ons.
  • Select the Extensions tab.
  • Find the toolbar and select Uninstall.



    That's it. You're all invited to install and explore it. If you find it useful or having improvement suggestion, drop me a line. Click here to install the toolbar.


    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the mention in the blog listing.

    The toolbar looks good, I'm downloading it now :)



    Matt Thompson said...

    This is the 1st toolbar I've ever installed (knowingly!!).

    It's great. Got loads of resources just a click away that I've yet to explore properly and the radio add-on is a nice idea.

    Thanks for the effort and keep up the good work.

    Shay Levy said...

    Thanks Matt, glad you liked it ;-)