Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Power (shell) to the people!


It has been a great year for PowerShell users, filled with good stuff. It seems that the PowerShell community is growing constantly and people around the world are adopting PowerShell and discovering its true POWER.

The PowerShell news group is live and kicking and the guys at the group are ready for any user - submitted challenge, Cheers!

Many books have been written and there are some more cooking in the oven as we speak.

The release of PowerShell v2.0 CTP and the addition of PowerShell to the Common Engineering Criteria (CEC  is a great vote of confidence for the product and for the architects/team that brought this project to life.

As for me, I couldn't be happier. PowerShell keeps me busy (fanatic) ALL DAY LONG, even when I sleep! I even opened a new blog on Microsoft Israel to spread the word to Israeli audience. No matter how much I drink from my PowerShell cup, it seems to refill on its own. Yes, I'm a proud PoSHoholic too!!!

As for the Windows PowerShell team, you should be proud of yourself, you've been doing a great job! I've collected some names of the people behind the scenes of PowerShell that I found on the team blog and around the net. I am sure that it's an incomplete list, so please forgive me if I've left anyone out. Ladies and gentleman's, HATS OFF!


Abhishek Agrawal - Windows PowerShell team
Brent Taft - Senior Program Manager
Bruce Payette - Principal Developer, Windows PowerShell Team
Jeffrey Snover - Windows Management Partner Architect
Jonathan White - Windows PowerShell Test
June Blender - Windows PowerShell Documentation
Krishna - Windows PowerShell Development
Lee Holmes - Windows PowerShell Development
Narayanan Lakshmanan - Windows PowerShell Development
Wassim Fayed - Cmdlet Help Editor
Wei Wu - Windows PowerShell Team

Jeffrey, if you read this, if there's a way to publish the team picture on the team blog,
I would like to see their faces and virtually pat each one on the shoulder. 


Viva La Revolucion, Power (shell) to the people!
Thanks you and Merry Christmas ALL.

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