Thursday, November 22, 2007

Two PowerShell articles on MSDN magazine


In this month's issue of the MSDN Magazine, there are two articles on PowerShell.

Ever wanted to perform automation on windows forms or click a button in a window, etc?

Dr. James McCaffrey (blog link) shows how to create a small collection of custom Windows PowerShell cmdlets (eight custom cmdlets) that perform Windows UI automation tasks.

The sample cmdlets includes: get-window, get-control, get-controlByIndex, send-chars, send-click, get-listBox, send-menu, and get-textBox.


The second article "Extend Windows PowerShell With Custom Commands" by Jim Truher discusses:

  • Windows PowerShell SDK
  • Using the System.IO.IsolatedStorage namespace
  • Overriding default cmdlet behavior
  • Installing and using custom cmdlets

You can also download the magazine in HTML Help (.chm) format here. Click the month link and try to download the file in your language. BTW, the English version for December 2007 (EN) is broken :-(

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