Monday, November 19, 2007

PowerSSAS - New PowerShell provider for Analysis Services

powerSSAS_banner copy

Darren Gosbell [MVP], has written a new provider (first public release) for Analysis services called powerSSAS. powerSSAS enables you to navigate SQL Server Analysis Server like a drive, much like the FileSystem and Registry (Get-PSDrive) drives in PowerShell . It's released as an open source project on codeplex.

You can read more on Daren's PowerSSAS in his blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi, you seem to know alot of powershell commands.

How would i need to configure this command to get the EMAIL adress of the contacts instead of the path to them.

Get-Mailbox | Where {$_.ForwardingAddress -ne $null} | Select Name, ForwardingAddress, DeliverToMailboxAndForward

any hel

Shay Levy said...

Give this a try. A new property, ForwarderEmail, is added to the result.

Get-Mailbox -Filter {ForwardingAddress -ne $null} | Select Name,ForwardingAddress,DeliverToMailboxAndForward,@{Name='ForwarderEmail';Expression={ (Get-Recipient $_.ForwardingAddress).PrimarySmtpAddress }}