Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Developer Academy II


Yesterday, I attended the second Microsoft's annual developers event "Developer Academy II", in Israel.

I attended some sessions like LINQ introduction, Mushups and Windows Live and C# 3.0 but the main event for me was "The Power of Windows PowerShell" session presented by Shahar Gvirtz.

Shahar showed some cool demos: how to use PowerShell from any .NET Application including Web pages, Runspaces, writing Cmdlets for web administration and Invoking them from hosted runspaces, VSTO, extending PowerShell from code or by using XML files and many more.

I really loved it. At first, only quarter of the session auditorium was full. A minute before the session started they had to add another 40 seats, Hugh success!. The session presentation is also available from Shahar's weblog.

This weblog also got mentioned in the links slide of the session. Thanks!

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