Monday, October 22, 2007

PowerShell Radio


If you've never heard of PowerShell podcast by now is the time!
First founded by Jonathan Walz and now co-hosted with Hal Rottenberg, PowerShell podcast provide you with a comprehensive report on PowerShell news.

Each Podcast/Episode can be downloaded as an MP3 file for offline usage. The podcast is usually divided into sections, with cool distortion guitar transitions , like News, Cmdlet of the week, Resources, Tips, One-liners, Gotchas , challenges and more.

Thumbs UP guys, you're doing a great job!

So, fire up your browser, tune in and Get-Podcast -PowerScripting | Get-BodyPart -Ears!


Finally, here's a little (rough) piece of code to download the podcasts using PowerShell:


function Get-PowerScriptingPodcast{
    $url = "";
    $wc= new-object net.webclient;
    $xml = [xml]$wc.DownloadString($url);

    $ | foreach {
        $fname = [system.IO.path]::GetFileName($_.enclosure.url);
        $podcast = read-host "Download $fname [Yes] default, [N] No"
        if($podcast -ne "n" -and $fname -ne ""){

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Hal said...

Thanks, Shay! [insert witty comment here]