Monday, September 17, 2007

WinRAR archive/backup function

This is a utility function I'm using in my scripts to create WinRAR archives from directories or files. It returns True/False respectively.

function New-RarArchive{
        [string] $source=$(throw "Invalid source parameter"),   
        [string] $destination=$(throw "Invalid destination parameter"),   
        [string] $name=$(throw "Invalid name parameter"),
        [string] $winrar = "$env:ProgramFiles\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe",
        [switch] $directory

        if( -not (Test-Path $source -pathType container)){
            write-error "Invalid directory path <$source>";

   } else {
        if( -not (Test-Path $source -pathType leaf)){
            write-error "Invalid file path <$source>";

    if( -not (Test-Path $destination -pathType container)){
        write-error "Invalid destination path <$destination>";

    # winrar switches:
    # A - Add specified files and folders to an archive.
    # IBCK -  Minimize WinRAR to tray, runs in the background.
    # Y - Yes will be the default and automatic reply to all queries.
    # R - recurse subfolders.   
    # ILOG[name] - log errors to file

        & $winrar A -IBCK -Y -R "$destination\$name" $("$source\*.*") | out-null
    } else {
        & $winrar A -IBCK -Y -R "$destination\$name" $source | out-null

    if($LASTEXITCODE -match "[01]"){
        # 0 - Successful operation.
        # 1 - Warning. Non fatal error(s) occurred.
        write-host "New archive created <$destination\$name>" -foreground green
    } else {
            2       {write-error "A fatal error occurred."}
            3       {write-error "CRC error occurred when unpacking."}
            4       {write-error "Attempt to modify a locked archive."}
            5       {write-error "Write error."}
            6       {write-error "File open error."}
            7       {write-error "Wrong command line option."}
            8       {write-error "Not enough memory."}
            9       {write-error "File create error."}
            255    {write-error "User break."}


Archive c:\scripts directory to \\server\share

>> New-RarArchive -source "c:\scripts" -destination \\server\share -name "test.rar" -directory


Archive a file

>> New-RarArchive  -source "C:\Scripts\test.exe" -destination "D:\Backup" -name "test.rar"


WinRAR -ibkp switch adds a visual indicator in the windows system tray.



Anonymous said...

I would think you would want to use the command line version of rar, rar.exe, instead of the gui version. It allows you to see when it's done and potentially process error.

Thanks for the script though.


Anonymous said...

I found this video guide on how to archive files & folders with WinRAR. If anyone wants to check it out as well its here: Winrar, How To Create An Archive of Files And Folders

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