Thursday, September 6, 2007

.NET Remoting articles

Three articles on remoting published on The Code Project website.
As Jeffrey Snover stated on his last interview with  ('remoting' will be built into the heart of the PowerShell engine).
At the meantime here are some others techniques in .NET.

Just .NET Remoting

A simple .NET Remoting example in three parts: the interface, the server, and the client. The client asks for your name, then sends it to the server. The server returns a personal greeting.

Remote Administration Tool (RAT) in C# - Part 3 (Reverse Connection Shell)
How to access server behind a gateway firewall using reverse connection shell technique

Remote console that allows to send commands to remote computer located in the Internet.

All articles includes source file in C#


Anonymous said...

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Shay Levy said...

Thank you Steven.

Anonymous said...

There's also PowerShell Remoting or /n PowerShell over SSH