Thursday, September 20, 2007

Create dummy directory tree


The "New-DummyTree" function creates a directory tree duplicate. The new directory tree will be an exact copy of the source directory, including file names and there's date attributes, only files will be 0 bytes long. Then you can test your scripting scenarios on its structure.

I used it only once when I tested a mass file processing activity (copy, delete, rename, archive (with New-RarArchive) and so on.

I couldn't test it against the real directory tree since it was based on the files date attributes, not to mention that the source files were very big in size, and I wanted to test the script as one piece and not just part of it in separate files.

It also demonstrates how you can alter a file or directory date attributes, such as LastWriteTime, etc.

So, for what it's worth...

function New-DummyTree{
        [string]$source=$(throw "Invalid source directory path"),

    if( -not (Test-Path $source -pathType container)){
        write-error "Invalid source directory path: <$source>";

    get-childitem $source -recurse | where {-not $_.psiscontainer} | foreach {
        $path="{0}{1}" -f $destination,$($_.directoryname.remove(0,$source.length));
        $file=new-item -path $path -name $ -type file -force;

    #set-location $destination


Note, You don't need to create the destination directory, It will be created on the fly if it doesn't exist.


New-DummyTree <SourcePath> <DestinationPath>

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