Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Open In Regedit (IE Context Menu)

About a year ago I contributed a tool I wrote, called "Open In Regedit", to Daniel's Petri IT knowledgebase. (You can read Daniel's review here).

Since I run my own blog now, I decided to re-publish it here and also check if it will run on Windows Vista.

Open In Regedit is a Context-Menu enhancement for Internet Explorer. While browsing the net for some articles , KBs and other system related issues, often you will have to make some registry modifications.

Usually, you will write down copy-paste the key , open regedit.exe and navigate your way inside. Well, not anymore.

Open In Regedit enables you to highlight registry paths written inside web pages, right-click on them and launching regedit.exe with the specified key location already highlighted (depends if the key already exists).

I tested it on Win XP SP2 (IE6) and Windows Vista (Business edition IE7). I have found that the difference between a registry path in XP and Vista is the Prefix "My computer\path_to_key_or_value" and "Computer\ path_to_key_or_value " respectively.

Play with it, and if you find a bug or even extended it in your way, then fill free to drop a comment. You can download it here.



HaNi.nl said...

The link http://www.cube-edit.co.il/shay/OpenInRegedit.exe is unfortunately not valid anymore.

Shay Levy said...

Thanks for reporting it, I've update the url.

HaNi.nl said...

It works like a charm - thanks for this nice util!