Tuesday, August 28, 2007

PowerShell for Exchange 2007 SP1

The title is a new book called Professional PowerShell for Exchange 2007 SP1 (This title has not yet been released) by Joel Stidley from Wrox publication.

Book Description
In Wrox’s Professional PowerShell for Exchange 2007 SP1, readers are treated to a guided tour of PowerShell from an Exchange administrator’s perspective as veteran Exchange experts Joel Stidley, Brendan Keane, Jeffrey Rosen, Jonathan Runyan and Joezer Cookey-Gam skillfully guide readers through all the ins and outs of PowerShell, and show them how leverage its power to streamline Exchange 2007 implementation and administration.  Coverage includes:

  • Using PowerShell to Deploy Exchange Server 2007
  • Working with User and Group Objects
  • Working with Public Folders
  • Configuring the Client Access server Role
  • Configuring the Mailbox server role
  • Working with SCC, CCR and SCR
  • Working with Exchange routing
  • Automating administration

Be sure to check it when its out.

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